My Ph.D research focuses on Nanopore sequencing data analysis, Autism/ADHD genetics, population history and other bioinformatics related subjects, making use of tools like R, python, awk, etc.

Web design

I've been a web developer since high school. My first big project was a human resource management system based on CakePHP. For this wordpress blog, I wrote a dedicated theme emphasizes on horizontal scrolling. I shifted my interests to Node.js rencently.

Mobile apps

I'm interested in mobile app development using React Native. My first practice is an social app for Rutgers students called "RU Plus".

Video editing

Since college, I've edited a number of videos using Adobe Premiere and After Effects for student activity purposes.


I'm constantly seeking answers for the origin and fate of the universe, the simplest principle for generating complexity, the evolution of spirit and conciousness, the ultimate artificial intelligence, and the meaning of life.